Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dia De Las Madres

Today we celebrate Dia De Las Madres, Mexican Mother's Day. In Mexico Mother's Day is always May 10th. When I walked into my office this morning my Mother's Day gift was waiting for me. I ripped open the envelope to find an adorable red box with a gold bow. I opened it up to find this necklace. I have been wanting this necklace for YEARS!!! I have never been able to find it, or even someone to make it the way I wanted.

Joey found it and it's perfect and I absolutely LOVE it.

May 10th is important to me for 2 reasons. Not only is it Mexican Mother's Day but it's my BFF Sam's birthday! Yea! I am very lucky to have a handful of wonderful friends who have been in my life for many many years. I met Sam (who's real name is Cristina) on my first day of high school and until marriages and babies we were pretty much inseparable. Like lived together, classes together, worked together. 

I love you like a sister Sam! Have a wonderful birthday!

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