Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Girls, girls, girls

I read a ton of blogs. I have them set up in categories. Parenting, Crafts, Photography and Other. I was reading a recent post on the blog Unknown Mami. She recently had a baby girl which brings her grand total to 2 girls and 0 boys. Hey! Just like me. Her post was about how right after her second daughter was born people were bombarding her with thee question....

"Are you going to try for a boy?"

Oh Unknown Mami, I feel your pain. We get asked this all the time. Joey gets it a lot more than I do. Even when I was pregnant people would ask if we were hoping for a boy. People seem to assume that Joey needs a boy. That he will not be satisfied with his life as a father until he creates a boy. Joey always responds with a "No I am happy with my girls".  This is the exact same answer my Pops gives.

See I am the oldest of 3 GIRLS. No boys in our family either. In fact in the Grand-kids count my parents have Girls-4 and Boys-1. As a kid I would overhear people ask my parents if they were going to try for a boy. I always hated that question, as if my sisters and I were not good enough. That the real prize was a baby boy and girls were the consolation prize. Not a great feeling until my Pops would say that no they were not going to try for a boy and that he loved and was very happy to have 3 girls. I am glad Joey always has the same kind of response to our girls don't feel like second best.

I think Harry Goldenblatt from the Sex in the City movie said it best when after the birth of his second daughter he said  "It's my lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women."

In reality we would have been happy with any gender baby we had. If we would have had 2 boys we would have been happy, if we would have had one of each we would have been happy. If we had triplet girls we would have lost our minds but still been happy.

Although there are some people who need to have that boy. Let's look at my grandparents. They had 4 kids, all girls and the 5th was finally the boy my Tata wanted. So they kept going for another boy. 2 more girls. And what finally stopped the trying for a boy, twin girls. That's right 8 girls and 1 boy!


  1. It's funny because I wrote that post because of my husband. He loves the girls, he wanted girls and he is constantly treated like it is a disappointment that he didn't have boys. He does not mind at all.

  2. I think it's such a personal question to ask couples about kids, when they're gonna have them, etc. I didn't think people would still ask these types of questions.

    Glad your father and Joey didn't buy in to they hype.

  3. Mercy Elaine8:38 AM

    Yea, our family is full of girls. I wonder if I will continue the trend when I have kids.

    But i'm sure people who have 2 boys are asked if they are going to try for a girl. Its the whole "one of each" concept. I know I would ideally want one of each. But who knows

  4. Anonymous7:56 AM

    I was "supposed to be a boy" since my sister was born first. I think I was disappointing to my father, even though he loves me now.

    Sometimes the parenting blogs talk about what's good/bad about having a boy v. having a girl, but I've always hated those topics.


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