Friday, May 06, 2011

11 months- Extremes of Lou

Oh Lou, Lou, Lou,

You are a baby of extremes. When you are happy you are smiley and laughing and so happy. But when you turn, oh man can you turn on us. I now know that your sister is an exceptionally good kid. You are proving to be more.....what's a nice word.... challenging. Your monthly photo shoot is just one example of the highs and lows of your days.


You have also proven to be unstoppable. Your Dad and I have had to build a very advanced barricade in the den in order to keep you from wandering all over the house. Despite us using boxes and funiture and 3 gallon water bottles you have still managed to get through it all. It seems like everyday we have to add to the barricade to attempt to keep you contained. You are showing us that there is no containing you.

You are pulling yourself up and standing on everything. You prefer to stand but have not quite figured out how to do it all on your own. I know that's coming soon. Followed by walking. You are a great eater and there is nothing you won't eat. You are even starting to eat real people food. Last night you devoured a beef ravioli. Happily.

 You are already passionate and curious and these traits, though a bit tough for us right now, will make sure you have a exciting and fun life.

You are our little firecracker. Explosive, loud and we can't take our eyes away.

Love you,

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