Tuesday, January 11, 2011

..you belong in the zoo...

We spent the last weekend in Santa Barbara. The Phi really wanted to hit up the zoo. See the last few times we have gone the river otters were not on display. They had just had babies and were taking some time off. Maternity leave I guess. Those otters must be union. Anyways we heard that the otters were back and The Phi really wanted to meet the new babies.

Of course they were adorable, but not as adorable as my babies.

The day was a blast. The Phi was so stoked to be at the zoo. She was excited about everything and let's face it. This kids excitement is damn contagious.

Showing Schmonkey the Monkeys

The Thinker

Phi and Schmonks and their family tree.

Took this one for my Pops. He calls us all his gorillas!

Okay, every single time I have been to the SB Zoo, and I have been many many times. I have never ever ever seen this animal. Ever. I am convinced it escaped like 15 years ago

Me and my #!
She was zooming to exhibits all day.

I think the birds were the only thing Lou looked at.

Lou starting at the fake animals.

Phi and giraffe

We had just read a book on Meerkats, so this guys was a favorite of the day.

A view from the Zoo

When I saw this pic I couldn't get over her hair color!

cardboard sledding

Phi in an egg
I love flamingos!

My favorite picture of the day.


  1. Erika Dalin3:58 PM

    Love the pictures Elissa!

  2. i've never seen the black footed cat either~!!!

  3. ive seen the black footed cat evry time. now im convinced it likes me

  4. omg that last pic kinda looked as if it could be me and the phi for a second


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