Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kiss & Go

From what other parents tell me it never gets easier. The other day I was dropping off The Phi at school. We stopped in the drop-off car line and she hopped out. I put her backpack on her back, handed her her lunch box, buttoned her jacket, gave her a kiss and she was off. She gave me one last wave of her hand without even looking back and she skipped off with her pony tail bouncing wildly behind her. I got into the car and watched her go into the school and my eyes started tearing up. Even after 3 years of school drop offs, once in awhile it will hit me. This time it's not worry about how she will do in school, or if she will miss me too much. Now it's because she is so grown up and independent and because I will miss her too much.

I love my kids all the time, but there are moments like these that are overwhelming. When you are completely consumed with love for your child. Loving your kids is one of the true unconditional loves out there. I hope that these waves of love that sometimes crash over me will never end. I hope that The Phi will be 30 and I will see her do something or say something that will overwhelm me with love for her and bring tears to my eyes. Just like it did when she was 5 years old and skipping off to Kindergarten.

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    I completely and whole-heartedly agree with your unconditional love statement. I absolutely love my boys and tear up all the time too. The Christmas plays, those proud moments, or even just those simple ones when we drop them off at school. Sometimes though, the Pep doesn't always want to kiss me and he doesn't enjoy holding Mom's hand anymore. Little by little we learn to let go as they grow up. But will still tear up on the drop of a hat nonetheless.

    In fact, just the other day I was tearing up over the fact that the Pep needed his 'own' body wash. A male kind I might add.

    Not to mention, I'm all teared up now....


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