Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Nom Nom

 So we couldn't put it off anymore. It was time for Lou to start foods. We started with rice cereal for a week or so and then on 12/6/10 we started her on peas. Yes I made my baby eat a food I hate.

So here we go, we went in with the spoonful of peas.....

 She gave me a blank stare which I took meant "WTF MOM" but we kept going...

and going.....

She gave me this look the entire time. To be honest is was making me nervous. I mean what is that. Are you happy, are you pissed?

Then she got all Miss Independent on me and wanted to feed herself.

After the meal was done and Lou had time to process the whole experience she decided she liked peas.

Just wait until she tries something good like ice cream!


  1. Mercy Elaine4:22 PM

    DANG! She has MASTERED the blank stare!! Her and Dex should get together, lol

  2. can't wait to see her on xmas. she looks so big.

  3. she keeps eating like that and she will be big soon!

  4. gabriel jr1:37 AM

    omg she so reminds me of melody and they both got tons of hair too lol


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