Friday, December 10, 2010


When I was a kid my Mom's cousin was owed money by a lady who ran a swimming school. This lady proposed that instead of cash she pay him back in free swim lessons. Since my Moms cousin was a bachelor with no kids of his own and my sister was his god-daughter he accepted the trade and gave my sisters and I the free swim lessons.

Following so far? The main point is that my sisters and I took swim lessons, for many many years. My youngest sister was probably about 9 months old when we started. I can remember when we first started loving swimming lessons, and as the years went on I began to hate them. I remember when I got my very first period. I was stoked because it was on swim lesson day, and I wouldn't have to swim!

Anyways, back when I still loved swimming lessons at Marjean's Swinland my sister Cari and I would drool over these pink satin jacket. It had the places logo on the back and your name embroidered on the front. I am sure they were expensive, and my parents had to buy 3 of them, but our begging and pleading paid off and we each got a jacket. Even baby Mercy had a jacket with her name on it.

I LOVED my Marjean's Swimland jacket. I wore it all the time. I was sad when I outgrew it. Luckily my Mom never threw it out. It stayed at the house all these years and when The Phi was born I brought it home waiting for the day The Phi would be big enough to wear it. It has been hanging in the jacket section of her closet for years.

This week while getting ready for school, in the rush of it all she needed a jacket. I pulled it off the hanger and told her, try this on. It was a little big, but fit enough for her to wear. And she has been wearing it everyday since.

I love that this jacket has a new life. I love seeing The Phi wearing something that was so special to me.

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  1. Mercy Elaine3:27 PM

    Anyone know what happened to mine??


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