Thursday, September 23, 2010


I try to read to The Phi every night. We go to the library once a week to stock up on books. Tonight we read the book "Mama". The Phi and I were having a rough night with me scolding, her crying and Lou screaming the entire time in the background. We sat on her bed and opened this book. A true story that consisted of 2 words, "Mama" and "Baby". The story starts with a Mama and baby hippo, happy together. Then while in the ocean a tsunami hits and Mama and baby are separated. Baby washes up on shore and can't find his Mama. The picture of this baby hippo on the shore with tears in his eyes calling for his Mama was too much for The Phi and I. We were both crying. Not crying but bawling. The Phi in between sobs says "Mom it's so sad" and in between my tears I said "I know baby". The story continues with the baby hippo being rescued and taken to a zoo where a tortoise adopts him as her baby. We hugged and cried a little more and I put The Phi to bed. A wonderful heart wrenching true story that touched both my 32 year old "Mama" heart and The Phi's 5 year old "Baby" heart.

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