Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Good Life

For a week I have been living my dream life. Staying in gorgeous Santa Barbara and going out and enjoying everyday. For the past week I have enjoyed both my girls. The Phi has been having an amazing time. And her rashes have gone away. Louella has been relaxed. Sleeping better during the day and enjoying the attention. We have taken walks on the pier, went to the museum, to the botanical gardens, to an amazing park with a giant playground castle and a beautiful koi ponds, exploring tide-pools. We are right now at the beach and my sister and her kids are with us. The weather is perfect and the kids are having a blast. Tonite we head to a concert at the park and tomorrow the zoo. I haven't been this relaxed or happy in a long time. And the best part has been reconnecting with The Phi. It had been almost perfect. All we were missing for most of out week was Joey.

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