Punk Rock Parents: When Pink Feet Shot ERL

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

When Pink Feet Shot ERL

So it's not as violent as you think. I am talking about when my friend Cheyenne of Pink Feet Photography did a photo shoot of me of ERL Photography. She was awesome to offer her talent and we met on a Sunday morning and after just over an hour she had captured some of the best pictures on my family EVER. Want to hear something hilarious. Cheyenne was nervous! Just look at some of the photos she made for us.

I LOVE this one. She captured our family perfectly in this shot!

Chey I cannot even begin to thank you for this. You have given my some beautiful photos of my family during an amazing time in our lives.

You can find Cheyenne and Pink Feet Photography by Clicking Here


  1. These are great. Love the one of the three of you in the mustard field.

  2. Love those pics -- especially the one of you and PR Dad comparing stomachs...:)

  3. Haven't looked at your blog in a while. LOoks good. Your family looks great. One shot looks familiar...