Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reason 2 for Blu

Even though a first name for this new baby is yet to be announced. She has had a middle name pretty much from day 1. Well in my mind anyways. The name "Blu" is a tribute to my parents, their marriage and everything they have ever done for us.

But there is a second reason for the name. One that is special to me. See it reminds me of this song.....

There was a time in my life when all Joey and I listened to was the "North" cd by Something Corporate. It was the time in our lives where we went from friends to falling in love with each other. It was an amazing time filled with weekend trips. One in particular was when Joey took me to Big Bear to see snow for the first time. This cd played the whole trip. This song takes me right back to driving the mountain roads in his green truck and holding hands. It was then that I knew. After spending too many years in a bad marriage. After watching my future fall apart and not knowing what the next day would bring. Joey became my future.

The whole cd reminds me of that time. And we still listen to it often. But this particular song brings back those feelings. The excitement and adventure. The piano in this song reminds me of the whirlwind of emotions I went through the moment I looked into Joey's brown eyes and just knew. I knew that he was it. That I would never love anyone the way I loved him and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, to start a family and spend my everyday by his side. When he became "my reason for breathing" and my "good feeling".

So as much as the name "Blu" is in honor of my Mom and Pops, it is also a tribute to Joey and I. To finding each other. Because I truly believe we are so lucky to have found each other. To our relationship and to the insane amount we love each other and to the fact that we never have to doubt that.

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