Wednesday, May 19, 2010

75th Birthday

My family recently celebrated my Grandma Rachel's 75th Birthday. (I got to be the official photographer!) What an amazing party it was. It was like a family reunion where I saw family I had not seen in like 10 years. My Pops is #2 in a family of 6 kids. This equals a lot of grand kids (myself included) and even more great-grand kids (The Phi included). Growing up I spent a lot of time with my cousins on my Dad's side of the family. I remember being in awe of my cousin Monica and her singing voice, and looking up to my cousin Cynthia and wishing I could be as cool as she is. Many of us are Mom's now.

My boy cousins were always so rambunctious and fun. Now they are family men, who are amazing fathers to beautiful kids. To see my big bad cousin Santiago help his little girl into a jacket was heart warming. To see my cousin Frankie show off ultra-sound pictures of his baby girl, and see that my cousin Andy's little boy was just as adorable as my cousin Andy, was awesome.

My Mom made a comment that the next generation (The Phi's generation) is even more gorgeous than the generation before. I was slightly offended but she is right. So many kids running around. My sister and I tried to keep track of who belonged to who. The Gomez genes tend to be a bit strong so we all kind of look-a-like.

What finally brought us all together was to celebrate the woman who made it possible. My Grandma Rachel, who is the reason we are all there in the first place. Born in Brawly, California, she worked HARD most of her life. First in the fields and then raising 6 kids. For a short time she lived with us when I was little. She is am amazing cook, she use to drive a blue trans-am, and who at 75 looks amazing.

The Birthday Girl


3/4 of the Torres Girls


Cousin Andy and Family. They are expecting another baby in August!


My family.

There was a color dress code and without fail I always dress the opposite of the rest of my family!


After her speech Michelle gives Grandma a big hug


Carissa and Eva


There was a great band who even gave my brother-in-law a shout out!


of course there was some dancing


the kids enjoyed the desserts


There were so many girls around the same age.

Grandma Rachel and all her grand children.
(plus one great-grandchild who snuck in there!)

Grandma Rachel and all her great-grand children
(minus Grace who was asleep)

But little Grace let me take this photo of her gorgeous face!


One of my favorite pictures from the party. It captured the feel of the day and how it felt to be all together.

Grandma Rachel and her 6 children.
Felix, Esther, Rachel, Frank, Helen, Trini & Sally

I hope you enjoyed your party Grandma. I hope you felt how loved and how important you are to this family. I also hope this is the beginning of many more family parties. 10 years is too long to not see each other and be together.

For all the photos CLICK HERE

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