Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Party People!

On Saturday our families gathered to celebrate The Phi's 5th birthday (and Joey's 37th!). I know I am 9 months pregnant and crazy for throwing a birthday party together, but The Phi deserved one last big hurrah before here little sister gets her and the perfect life she has now is ruined. (I love you Cari!) Plus I had a ton of help from my parents and my sisters. I don't feel guilty for having them help though. When my niece turned 7 my sister landed herself in the hospital giving birth to the twins so my sister Uh-laine and I had to not just throw a party, but a Build-A-Bear party (never again!).

We had the party in Santa Barbara because, duh it's Santa Barbara! We grilled up some hanburgers, hot dogs and chicken and the weather was as gorgeous as you can get. Not too hot and not too cold. The wind stayed away up until cake time.

We played some games......

Even Baby Eli got in on the game action.

And some of the "grown-ups" even participated. And yes that is a bouncy house in the corner that the kids enjoyed when Uncle Tommy was not taking a nap in it.

There were prizes for the games!

Friends were able to reunite. This picture is crazy. These girls were like 4 years old when they met and look at them now!

There was a cake with balloons and dragons. A special request by The Phi. She made her wish and blew out all 5 candles in one shot!

While everyone was enjoying cake and ice cream (well everyone but me. Damn you gestational diabetes) the wind picked up. Poor Joey was sitting next to Jamie and got splattered with cake and ice cream when Jamie's plate went flying. But he kept on smiling. That's my man!

Once the wind picked up we all headed into the "blue room" so The Phi could open her mountain of gifts.

She got so many amazing things. What a truly blessed little girl to have so many who love her.

and this face? The reason why, even at 9 months pregnant there was no doubt I would give my Phi a birthday party.

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