Thursday, May 27, 2010

Miracles and Dirties

I am sure this is common in most households. We have strange names for everyday things. Apparently we like nicknames so much we give ordinary stuff nicknames.

Sometimes it's just a shortened version. Like "The Dirties". When I am changing The Phi I would tell her to put her clothes in the hamper. She never knew what I meant so I started calling it "the dirty clothes" and that got shortened to "Dirties" So conversations go like this.

"Phi don't leave your clothes on the floor, put them in the dirties" or
"Take all the clothes out of your dirties and put them in a laundry basket"

But my favorite is "miracles". You will never guess what we call "miracles". Okay enough suspense. We call socks, miracles. Yes socks. But there is a story behind it. I usually put The Phi to bed with socks on. About 99.2685% of the time when I wake her up, her socks are off. These days she even puts them under her pillow because I was tired of searching for socks every morning. So one rare morning when she woke up with her socks on I said "It's a miracle". Then on most days when she had her socks off she would say "Mom I didn't have a miracle" and we would laugh and laugh. This went on for a while. Infact it still goes on most mornings. Over time we just started calling socks "miracles". So a conversation could go like this.

"Mom I got my jumper, shirt and shorts. What am I missing?"
"Don't forget your blue miracles"

So tell me, do you call things by strange names in your house??


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    We have names for everything too! Some funny ones are:

    Cyrus' feet have names
    pata ko and pata ke
    together they are called pata keys!

    Cyrus' has two small blankets and their names are wee wee and woo woo (short for woo hoo). Together they are called the wee wee brothers. They look identical, I can never tell them apart! lol

    I have a special pillow and it is called "the one"!

    We just love nicknames! Lucas already has a bunch! :)))

  2. That's adorable! I don't know if we have them? Of course, I can't remember them because I'm trying to think of them.

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Oh here is another one:

    we call those foamy water sandals "boats'!!

    And I'm planing to get myself some boats this summer too! :D


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