Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mexican Mother's Day

So there is no doubt that I have an amazing Mom. If you have met her then you have at one point thought "I wish Mercy was my Mom" . Everything I am as a woman and a Mom is because of her. And I want to wish her a day as beautiful as she is. She is the kind of Mom that thinks of everything. The kind of Mom who will make breakfast burritos for her daughter and son-in-law the night before so that they have something to eat the next morning because they are hitting the road before she wakes up. Yea she is that super rad.

Let's face it, motherhood is not easy. Like everyone says, it is the hardest but the best job they have ever had. And this is true for me. I am still surprised at how much I love being The Phi's Mom. I can't imagine my life any other way. I still look at her and am amazed that I created this little person. I try to do my best everyday to be an awesome Mom to her because that is what she deserves. I have to admit having PR Dad as my parenting partner has been amazing. We have always been on the same page when it comes to raising The Phi and he has always been there to help me in anything I need. Having him as The Phi's Daddy makes my job as her Mommy a lot easier. (HUGE shout-out to all you single Mommas out there! I bow down to you).

Some days are harder than others but even on the easy days I find inspiration in other Moms around me. In the Mom's I see everyday, and the ones I see from time to time and even the ones who's updates I read on facebook everyday. The ones who have been Mom's for over 30 years and the ones who are brand-new or even soon-to-be Moms. Sharing the battles and victories of motherhood with you is amazing. Having people to talk to, ask advice, or even give advice to helps to keep me in top Mom form.

Thank you all the Mom's in my life for helping me be the best Mom I can be. Thanks for helping me raise such an amazing little girl. And thanks in advance for helping me when Baby Blu gets here. I know you will all be there to be supportive, to laugh, to cry and just listen, to answer all the questions and to pick me up when I think I am failing.

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