Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Schmonkey

Scmonkey is the most accident prone stuffed monkey on the planet. Schmonkey was given to The Phi by Tia Uh-laine when I was pregnant with her. Lately The Phi has taken to carrying Schmonkey and caring for Schmonkey 24/7. See Schmonkey is a complete klutz. For example in the last 24 hours Schmonkey has hurt his right leg. That healed then he hurt his left leg. Later that leg got infected. The Phi was very worried about Schmonkey so I let her take him to school in her backpack with the understanding that he was to not be taken out AT ALL. Now that Schmonkey and The Phi are home from school she took him out of her backpack only to find that sometime during the day he broke his arm. Yes all this in less than 24 hours. Luckily The Phi is well aware that Tia Uh-laine works for a animal doctor. So I have been forced to send Tia Uh-laine photos of Schmonkeys injuries and get the best advice to help him. And because Tia Uh-laine is awesome she is sending a care package to The Phi with some supplies to help take care of accident prone Schmonkey. Well it's only fair, I mean she is the one who gave Schmonkey to The Phi, the most accident prone stuffed monkey on the planet.

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