Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's Always a Good Time when Mary and her Bag o' Games Show Up!

Last Saturday after The Chone's violin recital we got back on the road to have dinner with our Compadres. They recently moved and invited us, the Zetino's and the Campos' over for dinner. We had a blast for a few reasons. One dinner was great. Patty "sweated" over a hot stove to make us lasagna, salad, veggies, this amazing ground chicken salsa dip. They even had a whole pot of macaroni and cheese just for The Phi. Do her God-parents know her or what? And I think she ate almost the whole thing. Patty also introduced me to sugar free ice cream cookie sandwiches. You have no idea how good that was!

So besides the yummy dinner there were babies all over the place! Sylus, Vivi and Matias were all there and my gosh does my family make some adorable babies!

Patty and JZ with Baby Vivi and Baby Matias

After dinner my Tia Mary busted out her bag o' games and we played a few rounds of Family Feud. The Comp's (Patty, JZ, PR Dad and Me) against the Campos'. At first we were kicking butt, but then the Campos' got the hang of the game and destroyed us! Then Mary busted out her Guesstures game! SO MUCH FUN!

Mikey trying to get the right answer out of his team mates.

PR Dad with the big gestures!

Matias confused by the weird adults in his house.

Serious Matias with a very happy me!

I see it already. These two WILL be trouble together.

Beautiful Viviana!

Compadres, thanks for having us over. Next time we hit the swimming pool and your Compadre promises to man-scape! Haha


  1. Looks like a great time. Do you think Patty would share her recipe for ground chicken salsa dip? Sounds great.

  2. Anonymous2:44 PM

    Thanks, Liz, I love to play games and when I get the chance of luring in some people for games, I am all over it. =) We had a great time too, I always love to hang out with my neices and nephews and the babies (especially my grandson, goshness I don't use that work often, it makes me feel I want to do it again. I felt honored to be in the company of all of you.
    Love you all, Tia Mary

  3. Those babies are adorable!

    I miss Dr P!


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