Tuesday, January 26, 2010

World's Oldest Showgirl

We were enjoying a nice crisp evening at Villagefest in Palm Springs. The Phi is holding onto PR Dad's hand and we had just left the YMCA booth where The Phi made a mardi gras mask. We were nearing the Plaza Theatre and the very bright booth for the Palm Springs Follies. The booth is there every week and the people are loud and animated and like most Palm Springs natives, they are old. The both is covered in pink feather boas and has a television with previews of the show playing. They hand out a show schedule.

We walked past and after we were about 2 booths away The Phi looked up at us and said she wanted a schedule. So PR Dad took her back to the Follies booth and she asked the nice old lady for a schedule. Then the nice old man gave her a button that said, "Hurry for Hollywood" on it. And we were back on our way walking the rest of Villagefest. As PR Dad and I chatted away The Phi looked over and fell in love with this schedule.

As we got in the car she was already planning a day for us to go to a show. We have passed the Plaza Theater very often and the Palm Springs Follies booth just as often. I still wasn't sure what the show was about. Turns out the show is about old ladies as showgirls. And by old I mean like 85 year old women in Las Vegas showgirls outfits. In the schedule there was a photo of the worlds oldest showgirl and The Phi wants nothing more than to see this lady in the show.

Like with all of The Phi's obsessions she carried the schedule around all night and took it to bed to study the calendar while she fell asleep.

From what I can gather this is not a show for the kiddo's. Luckily somewhere in the night as The Phi was sleeping the schedule "disappeared". And out of sight out of mind. She hasn't asked about the Palm Springs Follies since. But I know the next time we are at Villagefest she will remember and ask us to take her to see the World's Oldest Showgirl again.

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