Monday, January 25, 2010

Proud Punk Rock Parents

On Friday after school we were in a hurry. Trying to get out the door and on the road as quickly as we could. I opened up The Phi's backpack to clean it out and found an envelope addressed to "The Parents of....". I thought great, she did it, she pantsed someone. The I thought, no, it's probably another fund-raiser.

I opened the envelope to find The Phi's first real report card.

My baby got straight A's her first time around. I was so proud we stopped everything and I even got a bit teary eyed. PR Dad and I were so proud of her. She got to take her report card with us over the weekend and got to show her report card to her Nana and Tata, Tias, Tios, Nina and Nino and Cousins. Everyone was so proud of our The Phi. She even got a extra special gift from Tia Angie, because Tia Angie is awesome and loves good grades!

Now how do we keep this up for the next 16 years?


  1. Who's rockin' now? It's Sophia!! Woo Hoo.

  2. do the dollar bribe. for every 'A' you get _____ dollars. especially in high school! like mom and dad told cari if she got straight A's they would give her $100, and she did it!

  3. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Congrats, Phi on your "A"s I did not get to see your report card, but I sure am proud of you. You keep up the good work. I think it will come naturally to you, just like your mommy!
    And Lainie, I tried that with my boys and they didn't take the bait, what happened there? I shouldn't give up though huh?
    Tia Mary


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