Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When The Phi was in-womb we had 3 different ultrasounds. We really wanted to know what we were having, but every time we had an ultrasound The Phi kept her legs crossed and would not let anyone get a look. They were about 70% sure that she was going to be a girl, but that 30% stopped us from buying pink anything.

I was really hoping that at our doctors appointment last week the ultrasound would be able to tell us if Sweet Baboo is a girl or boy. I really need to clean out The Phi's closet but need to know if I should donate the clothes or keep them. While at the doctor The Phi asked the doctor "Can you tell me if I am having a brother or a sister?" The doctor fired up the ultrasound machine and we got to get another look at Sweet Baboo. This is like the 4th ultrasound already for Sweet B. The black and white screen showed our little one and the doctor tried to get the "money shot". We saw the head and back and arms and legs. Just not the spot we needed to know if we were having a "Frida" or a "Diego" (relax these are not the names!). The reason?

This kid would not sit still. Sweet B was moving around like crazy, super duper active. It was like there really was a party in my tummy and Sweet B. was the only one invited.

Then later I took this video of The Phi and realized, Sweet B's inability to sit still comes straight from his/her big sister.

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