Monday, January 18, 2010

Benda-what? Benda-who?

You know how on Nickelodeon every other commercial is for some kind of toy infomercial. Lately is has been for Aquasand. About 6 months ago it was all about the "Bendaroos" Of course like with all toy infomercials, The Phi had to have Bendaroos.

At the time The Phi's rashes were the worst on her hands. Even her palms were rashed-out. So what is a Dad to do when you are desperate to get your kid to stop scratching her hands, and your kid desperately wants Bendaroos? If you are PR Dad you bribe, I mean strike a deal with your kid.

So the deal they made was, if The Phi could stop scratching and get her hands cleared up PR Dad would buy her Bendaroos. They made that deal at least 6 months ago. There were times when her hands would start to clear up and she would get so close to the prize, and then she would give in to the itching and she was back to square one.

Last night after her bath I was lotioning and potioning up The Phi and I noticed her hands. They were clear. (I think it has to do with her Leapster always being in her hands) Even her palm had cleared up. So when PR Dad came home The Phi showed him her hands. And PR Dad, being the kind of guy who sticks to his deals, bought The Phi a pack of Bendaroos yesterday.

She was stoked and since The Phi has the day off school we brought them to work today. I open the package and found that Bendaroos are impossible to get out of the package. Imagine a bunch of thin sticks covered in honey and then put in a narrow zip-loc bag. Now imagine trying to get them out of that bag. NOT EASY. Anyways I manage to pull a few pieces out for her and after waiting 6 long months for her precious Bendaroos I figured she would have a masterpiece made. I mean she had all that time to create Bendaroo flowers, animals, even a self-portraits in her head. Instead she sat on the floor of my office for 5 minutes. Twisted two pieces together and stood up and walked away. Abandoning her Bendaroos.

Oh well, at least her hands have cleared up.

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  1. Isn't that the way it always happens? It's a good teaching lesson though.
    "remember the bendaroos you had to have that you played with for all of 5 mins? This _____ (insert new infomercial) is going to be just like that. Trust me!"


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