Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A New List

  • dust mites
  • cat dander
  • dog dander
  • alder trees
  • mountain ceder trees
  • olive trees
  • walnut trees
  • cottonwood tree
  • oak tree
  • elm tree
  • white mulberry tree
  • Bermuda grass
  • timothy grass
  • ragweed
  • mugwort
  • russian thistle
  • rough pigweed
  • egg white
  • peanut
  • wheat
  • walnut
  • milk
  • soybean
  • corn
  • scallop
  • clam
  • sesame seed
The results for The Phi blood allergen test. I cried yesterday. A lot.


  1. OK, the good news is, you can do this. The other good news is, she'll outgrow most of these.

    Both my youngest, now 39, and I had food and other allergies. Sophia can be de-sensitized to the non-food allergies. The food allergies you can work with, and she'll outgrow them.

  2. Jan is right. And at least now you have a starting point. It's a really crappy one, but at least it's a start. I've known kids that had this combo of allergies, give or take a few. I love you guys, we're praying for strength and sending good thoughts your way =)

  3. Soy and milk? Bummer. And still eggs huh. Lame. Poor phi

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM

    good news is that the Phi will be able to live on fruits! Interesting that she doesn't have any allergies to seafood except scalops... that's good. It will be fine... don't know if I ever mentioned how many things I am allergic too, you guys will adapt just fine!

    P.S. Cyrus says he still likes the Phi...


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