Monday, October 05, 2009

New Books to Love

So I read to The Phi daily. I think this is the reason The Phi is a chatterbox these days. We go to the library every week and stock up on a weeks supply of new books. Last week they had some new "Halloween" themed books up on a shelf and this one caught my eye...

Great colors, great font, and a Calavera and a ghost! We added it to our pile and a few days later I read the story to The Phi before bed. The story was absolutely adorable. It is about Senor Calavera who is on his was to Grandma Beetles birthday party. On the way he runs into a ghost who reminds Senor Calavera that he needs to bring a gift. So they go through the alphabet and gather gifts for Grandma Beetle.

The illustrations are so amazingly wonderful. The Phi and I poured over each page and took in all the beautiful images. The book is written and illustrated by Yuyi Morales.

After putting The Phi to bed I headed straight to the internet to see if Yuyi Morales has a website. She does and it it just as wonderful as her book. You can visit at . Lots to click, read and see. Then I was pleased to find that Senor Calavers himself has his own site. Check his out at .

I cannot wait to read more of Yuyi Morales' books to The Phi. We are in love!

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