Thursday, September 24, 2009

We Have A Mystery on Our Hands

On Tuesday when The Phi and I got home from the office we walked into a quiet house. No dog whining at our feet. Strange, but not totally unheard of. Sometimes Roo gets too lazy or is too comfortable sleeping on our bed to come and greet us. So I called for him. Nothing. The Phi called for him. Nothing. The Phi yelled for him. Nothing. I walked into the backyard and called for him and still..... Nothing. I walked to the front yard and there was the little guy. He waltzed right in, wet, stinky and with a bloated belly. He started running around like crazy, ran outside, and came back in and puked all over the rug. Hot dogs. Where the hell did he get hot dogs from? That night I had to bathe him because whatever was on his left him crusty. And I had to force a pepcid down his throat.

So when PR Dad got home, I had him check the back gate and everything looked okay. So yesterday The Phi and I come home and same thing. Silence. Awful silence. So I went right back out to the front and assumed I would see Roo's little ass walking up to the front yard. But he wasn't there. I started yelling for him. I walked to the end of the driveway and yelled louder. Then I started to have those awful thoughts.

Someone took him.
He got hit by a car.
My dog is gone and I am never going to see him again.
Don't cry in front of Sophia.

15 minutes pass, then 20 and I am starting to feel panicky and angry. Angry at PR Dad. I told him to put something in front of the gate and he didn't. He assured me he couldn't get out and here we were again. Finally PR Dad got home and he started walking the street looking for Roo. While he was outside I was inside on the phone with the local animal shelter. They assured me that if he had been picked up and brought to them they would have called the phone number on his tag. So he wasn't there.

The minutes started ticking by and PR Dad was still not back. My panic was growing and I was fighting tears. I didn't want to scare The Phi. After what felt like years I saw PR Dad walking up the front yard and could hear the jingle of Roo's tags right behind him.

Holy crap I was so relieved.

Later The Phi and I were discussing Roo's adventure. I told her that I wish I knew where he had been and what he had been doing and she just shrugged and said "We have a mystery Mom".

That dogs stinky ass better be home when I get home today. That's all I'm saying.


  1. Oh dude. Do I know dog drama. I swear, they have a mind of their own! Oobie got buckwild yesterday. She was snarling at the chil'rens while he was chillin in his crate. I guess he was pissed cuz they disturbed him. Anyhoo, I reached in the crate to get him and he almost bit me. Oh hellllllll noooo. Later on, he was sitting nonchalantly on the grass, with these squinty little eyes. I grabbed one of my kids shoes and tossed it at him. It was hilarious. He didn't see it coming! It hit him and made him do a somersault. HAHhahahaha. I know, I'm evil. I was like, "Thats what you get for trying to bite the hand that feeds you, Oobie!!"

  2. Man, I understand. Hope he's home tonight.

  3. get that dog fixed!, he might have a girlfriend.

  4. wonderlandhwy9:55 PM

    Watch out, maybe some family is trying to bait him for dinner!


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