Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Picking Up

I have to post about yesterday and The Phis first day of school but I
am having a melt down about The Phi, allergies, and how nothing and no
one helps. Anyways I thought I would get the bitching out of the way.
What am I going to bitch about??????

Pick up line.

At The Phis old school when it was time to pick her up I parked, got
out of the car, got buzzed into the school and picked her up from her
class. This new school does a car line up. At the back to school night
they explained how it would work and even gave us a freaking map. It
showed which driveway to turn into. Shows you to go all the way to the
end of the parking lot, turn and get in line. All the way to the
end!!!! So today I get there early and as I pull in I smile because I
will be third in line and will get my kid as soon as they come out.
Yea! No waiting behind other parents who think that pick up line would
be a great place to talk to a teacher for 10 minutes. "screw you guys
waiting. I don't give a f if you have to get back to work. I am the
front of the pick up line and I want to chat it up". So as I drive ALL
THE WAY to the end of the parking lot. Just like the principal
explained and what the map showed me to do, the cars behind me both
cut across the parking lot and ended up in front of me. Now I was 5th
in line and behind Grandma who took 10 minutes to get her kid into the
car. I was pissed. Those 2 totally cut me off and cheated. Not very
Christian of them.

So I need a new strategy for the car pick up line. Any Mom with
experience have any advice?


  1. Just because their kids go there, doesn't mean they practice what they preach, obviously. I have no advice.

  2. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Do what Patty would do and jump out of the car and start yelling at them. Or you could photocopy the picture of the instructions, calmly get out of your car and put it on their windshield while they're waiting.

  3. chone's school has a drive thru thing too. but the parents stay in their car. good luck with that one! its part of being a parent, putting up with other parents!


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