Thursday, September 03, 2009

Birthday Issues

I have an issue. See today is September 3rd and to my family it is a very special day. VERY SPECIAL. See its my Mom's birthday. So here is the issue my sister and I are having. We can't figure out what to get this woman!

What do you buy for the woman who birthed you?

Who raised you by being there everyday and making sure you knew every minute that you were loved and supported?

Who let you make mistakes and always was there when things fell apart?

Who is the reason you are the Mom you are?

Who taught you the importance of family and who knew that one day you and your sisters would get along?

Who will save and save her money for something she really wants and then spend it on you?

Seriously what item can even be enough for such a woman?

Happy Birthday Mom.
We Love You and are so very proud to be your family.

Joey, Elissa, The Phi and Roo

Hey I got it. She is always cold and loves to play sudoku at the same time.
I am getting her a Snuggie!!!


  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    One year, all of my sibblings and I got a ring that had all of our birth stones in it for her. It was a hit!
    Moms love photo books too. Although snuggies are pretty cool!

    This mom though, would love a Hawaiian vacation! (wink*wink*)

  2. No snuggies allowed in the Santa barbara house!


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