Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pick-Up Line Update

Wow they really do have a card for everything. My buddy Alina (who knows the pick-up line all too well) dropped by my office and gave me this card.

Yes she cut out my own face. Too funny!!!

So an update on the pick-up line fiasco. If you follow me on twitter then you know that I am still getting cut-off almost on the daily. Last week some time I vowed to never use the pick-up line again. To instead park and walk up and pick up The Phi. I even sent a strongly worded email to her school. I was pissed. Like beyond pissed.

But of course being the good rule follower that I am, I went back to the pick-up line after one day. Mostly because The Phi's teacher told me that they were going to be monitoring the pick-up line better. And they did, FOR ONE DAY. And now its back to being cut-off by grandmas. No joke, a Grandmother cut me off yesterday.

Here is where my problem is occurring. Like I said I am a rule follower and the rules of the pick-up line are that you are to drive to the end of the parking lot. So as I am driving to the end the cars that pull in behind me cross through the parking lot and cut me off.

So my dilemma is, do I continue following the rules and hope that people eventually learn not to cut across the parking lot? Or do I rebel, join the dark side and cut across too?


  1. Love the card. Don't join the dark side, but continue to protest to the school. You're paying good money and they can monitor the situation, or come up with an acceptable alternative.

  2. when you pull in drive all crazy so the people are scared to pass you. or every time they start to pass you get in front of them like you are going to do the same thing they are and then they freak out cause they almost hit you. maybe you shouldnt do that, cause they might hit you!

  3. i say, scare them a little by your driving, once you notice they want to cut you off (pop an alka-seltzer really quick, dont let them see of course) and really freak 'em out! lol!

  4. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Just cross through the parking lot.... I don't know that anyone really drives all the way down to the end. I found out that they changed the pick up line rules around a little this year. Surprisingly, I never even got the notice, perhaps since I'm a regular there now.
    Besides, driving crazy won't do any good when you are the only one at the end of the line! I say cross through the parking lot and cut them off!
    I'm glad you enjoyed the card... it was popping out at me at the!

  5. Get there early and cut acoss the lot. You'll be first everyday and no one will be there to watch you break the rules


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