Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happily Ever After

On Saturday The Phi had the honor of being the flower girl in Crystal and Ben's wedding. The night after the rehearsal dinner The Phi asked me why Crystal wanted her to be in the wedding. I told her...."weddings are very important days. A day you will remember for the rest of your life so you ask people who are important to you to be in your wedding and to be part of your wedding day. You must be important to Crystal".

We met Crystal because of this blog. She was a reader who took a liking to this video and the phrase "I'm busy". We started emailing and because she was local we met up for coffee, then market night, then dinner and even more coffee. Then she moved to Texas and we missed hanging out with Crystal.

She is one of those genuinely kind hearted people. The Phi is usually a bit reserved when she first meets someone. Crystal was the exception. I think as a child The Phi knew that Crystal was just a good person through and through.

She is laid-back, funny and easy to talk to. When she asked if The Phi could be her flower girl I told her it would be up to The Phi and of course she said yes. I mean there was a tiara and big dress involved!

The wedding date got here before we knew it and from the moment I put the dress on The Phi her excitement was radiating through her. I put her converse on because Crystal requested it. She respects the punk rock-ness that is The Phi and her style.

It was time for the big show and The Phi totally rocked that aisle. She made it rain rose petals like Lil Wayne makes it rain cash money. We didn't know anyone at the wedding except Crystal and Ben. Despite that it was like The Phi was a celebrity. I could hear complete strangers say "Oh look its The Phi". It was surreal and funny all at the same time.

Meeting Crystal's family, I learned where she gets her personality from. All her family members were extremely nice and it was easy to relax and The Phi and I had such a wonderful time with these wonderful people.

Crystal and Ben have been together for many years and both were relaxed and simply gorgeous on their big day.

The Phi had her real first wedding experience and she loved it all. The food, the glass water goblets, the dollar dance, the candy bar, the wedding cake, the toasts.

She loved the center pieces, the bouquets, the photos, the "ladies" and their pretty dresses.

But what The Phi loved the most of all was the dance floor. This child stayed on the dance floor from the time the DJ started to the time the wedding ended. I started on the dance floor with her but after half an hour my feet in high heels were taking their toll and Crystal took over and danced with The Phi. Then the big dance circle started. The Phi jumped right into the middle and danced away. Whenever there was an empty middle The Phi jumped right back in. When couples were on the dance floor, The Phi made her way around the dance floor dancing with each couple. When the dance floored emptied The Phi was the only one getting her groove on. When the music ended she went to the DJ and told him "Thanks for the tunes"

As the wedding ended and The Phi and I walked back to the car she said "Mom I LOVE dancing". I told her "I noticed".


  1. This is such a great post. I remember the first wedding I was in, and I'm 65. I know Phi will always remember what a great time it was. I'm glad she loves to dance. It's the best thing, ever, for body and soul.

  2. I was one of those people at the wedding pointing and saying, "Look! It's the Phi! Can I go ask for some knock-knock jokes or pirate jokes??" I just wanted to verify that without a doubt, Phi was clearly the best (and most impassioned) dancer out there! It sounds silly, but she was a total encouragement to me to get out there and dance even though I initially wanted nothing to do with it! Thanks, Phi!

    (ps...your pictures are so lovely!)


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