Friday, August 21, 2009

Shower Day

While we were camping we showered once. EWWWW. We spaced it out nicely and went to the community showers on Wednesday. It was Tia Mary (And Nina Josie's!) birthday so a big group of us headed over the the Ducey's on the Lake hotel for dinner. We had a really great time and since we were all cleaned up we took a lot of pictures!

The Birthday Girl!

The Phi has officially graduated to the Big kids table.

Me and my Llama

Family Portrait Time......

Day-Day, Tio Luis, Angelica, Felix and Lili.

We couldn't find Pops, so the 2 Mercy's took a picture together.

Arnie, he has a little captain in him.

The Campos5 minus 1

Why is The Phi so gangsta???

PR Dad and The Phi have some captain in them too.

The whole birthday dinner crew.
(i just noticed Day Day and I dressed the opposite.)

I attempted to get a family picture (minus Tom) because we were all there. I learned two things.....

1. I need a tripod

2. Don't delete the test shots. They can be quite amusing........

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