Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Twinkies!

First there was Nana and she asked Tata to a Sadie Hawkins Dance

Then there was Nani Lissa

Then there was Day-Day

Then there was Nani Uh-laine

Then there was Angelica

Then there was The Phi

And then 3 years ago today there was you two........

The babies of our family.
Today are 3!


My Momma Llama,

I can't tell you how much I love to hear you call me "Nani" and hear you call PR Dad "Nino". You have really began to open up and letting your personality shine. Your shiny black hair has been cut and into bangs that make you look so grown-up. You are smart and beautiful girl my Lil. You have been patient with your big cousin Day-day. I know she can be mean to you sometimes, but your love for her never stops showing. You are still so quite around people that they can't believe pictures of you being silly and loud. I know one day that funny and loud Lili we know will be just who you are all the time. So for now I enjoy being part of this very small group who you are comfortable enough with to smile and dance and laugh with. I love you so much Lili. You are my god-daughter and we share a name and that makes me so lucky.

Have a happy birthday my lovey. Have the best time ever at Disneyland.

Love you forever and ever,



Dear Poparah,

You are such a boy these days. Its all about dirt and cars for you. I love that. You little man, have a smile that can light up the darkest of places. Your smile is bigger than you are and I adore it. You have become one of my favorite people to photograph. You haven't quite settled on what to call me, sometimes its Tia, sometimes its Nani, but you have decided that Tio Joey is just "Joey". You are obsessed with your namesake, your Tata but you talk like your Nana. Well more like yell when you talk like your Nana. You strike me as the passionate one. You can throw a good fit when you are upset, of course I have only witnessed this once or twice. I hope that as you grow up, you talk to me and play with me more. You are my only nephew and you fascinate me.

I love you my little pizza loving, car loving, guitar hero playing, late sleeper Poparah. Have a happy birthday and have a blast at Disneyland.

Love forever and ever,
Tia Lissa

P.S. arack-arack-arack-o-momma!

Happy 3rd Birthday Lili and Felix!

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  1. He's so adorable.. I love having parties for kids.. They would really love it even how simple it is.. For them, that moment will be unforgettable..

    Happy Birthday!!


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