Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pre-Party for Vivi!

A few weeks ago The Phi and I made a solo trip out to my old hood for my cousin Rosie and her husband Gio's baby shower. Yea my family does big co-ed celebration. The dudes in our families love the new babies just as much as the women.

The shower was a lot of fun. Fun games and even a raffle for a Coach bag! Awesome!! (My Nina Ruth won the raffle. So well deserved!!)

Baby Viviana is not even here yet but she already has a nickname.
Check out the blocks they say "Vivi". Adorable!!

There is the proud momma-to-be along with her sister (also a momma-to-be!)

And of course we had plenty of babies to ohh-and ahh over.

Hey Cari, you have a monkey on your back.
A very cute little monkey.

And of course The Phi was in full effect.

I loved watching The Phi, Lili and Felix playing together. Especially at my Tia Angie's house. My cousin Patty has been one of my best friends since day one and we had a lot of fun memories at this house and in this yard. I really wish for that same close relationship for The Phi and her cousins.

Well little Vivi, I hope to meet you real soon. You have A LOT of people waiting for you and who LOVE you oh so very much!

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