Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sucker Punch Wall

It is well established that The Phi is not the usual 4 year old. She is a bit on the wacky side. It is also established that The Phi is very much like her father. One thing they both enjoy is watching people fall down. Yes Funniest Home Videos is still on TV thanks to people just like them.

They are both in love with the show "Wipeout". If you ask The Phi why she likes the show she will tell you "I like when they fall down" So Sundays and Wednesdays The Phi and PR Dad get comfy together on the couch to LOL at people falling down on "Wipeout".

But the took it a bit too far. We went to a local sports park so that I could do my daily walk. PR Dad and The Phi stayed behind at the playground. After my walk I made my way back to them. The Phi called for me to see what they were playing. The Phi made her way up the playground equipment to a balancing beam with bars on each side. As she walked across PR Dad put his fist randomly between the bars.

"Look Mom, the sucker punch wall"


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    OH MY GOSH! I LOVE THE SUCKER PUNCH WALL! I love your family!

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Dad LOVES that show. pn

  3. Dad just ran to the tv with his dinner to go watch "the big balls". It's a family night on Wednesdays!


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