Tuesday, July 14, 2009

baby gifts

A friend of PR Dad's from work is going to be a Daddy really soon. Last Saturday they had a baby shower/UFC fight party. Because that is how we do it out here. We got there late because PR Dad worked that day. We missed the shower part but still got to see them open our gift. I made them a baby blanket for their little girl. I love this blanket and have made it now 3 times. It is always a hit.

I also knitted them up a baby bib but the photos are still in my camera. I felt kind of bad because when they opened my gift the soon to be Dad sad "you should get lessons from her" then pointed out a bag with yarn and knitting needles. I guess the mom-to-be had been trying to make a blanket herself.

I told her I would totally give her some pointers.

The Phi had a blast because her BFF Cyrus was there. They are about 3 years apart and he is a boy (obviously) but they get along so well. Just look at the genuine happiness on her face...

The Phi and her BFF Cyrus


  1. LOVE that blanket! I so want one for my daughter as my favorite colors are pink and black. She is mommy's little metalhead so I know she would like it! :)

  2. BTW... UFC fights... that is how we do it here, too! :)

  3. wonderlandhwy2:44 PM

    that pic makes cyrus look so much taller than the phi. how cute... maybe she will ask to tape a copy of the pic to the wall.. right next to obama. lol

  4. Is that Animal on the PR Babes shirt?


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