Friday, July 24, 2009

Poor Baby Roo

We took Roo out to Santa Barbara last weekend, and he didn't come back with us. My sister (Roo's Dog-Mother) took him to the vet clinic she works at to get his annual rabies shot. As they did the exam they checked his teeth.

Roo has always been a stinky dog for most of his life. Turns out that stank is from his teeth. They are jacked, and so bad that one has an abscess and has to be removed. So he has spent the week in Santa Barbara (LUCKY!) and today he was dropped off for surgery. He is having the abscessed tooth removed and the rest of his teeth cleaned.

The house has been so quite without Roo freaking out when we walk in the door. The Phi says everyday "Mom, I Miss my Root". So now we are keeping contact with my sister through text messages and keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well and he gets to come home soon.

We Love You Roo!

1 comment:

  1. I hope he gets better and comes home real soon!


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