Thursday, July 23, 2009

At the Beach

While in Santa Barbara the weather was actually HOT! Which meant we packed up and went to the beach on Saturday. And by packed up we mean, umbrella, towels, cooler, sandwich fixings, canopy tent, about 10 chairs, toys, etc......

Yes we are those kind of beach people.

Angelica with a sea weed skirt

When The Phi was little she hated sand and dirt. She has completely outgrown this fear.

I cannot even begin to describe how much I love watching The Phi with her cousins. I LOVE and ADORE all my cousins.

Me and my Little Man

Little Felix is obsessed with his namesake.
If he cannot physically see my Dad he will ask every 2 minutes
"Where's Tata?"
Its really cute.

Our little family beach trip was a nice preview of the week of tent camping coming up soon!


  1. check out the PRO-fes-sional bandage job on phi's leg in that picture. ya...i'm good

  2. Really great beach photos!


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