Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Slumber Party

So after the big Disneyland trip there was more celebration to be had. We headed to Santa Barbara for the big Slumber Party/Grown-ups Dinner.

Tia Elaine who like I have said before is a great Tia, stayed home with all 4 kids while PR Dad, Tia Day-day, Tio Luis, Mom, Dad, Patty & JZ went out to State Street for a super yummy amazing Italian dinner at Palazzio's. Seriously some amazingly good food! While we were gone Tia Uh-laine made cupcakes, and did some arts & crafts with the kiddies.

When we got home from dinner it was gifts time! The tissue paper was flying!

All day long there was this giant wrapped present from my parents for The Phi. My Mom kept telling her that the gift was empty. She wasn't lying. It was empty because they had already put together her brand new water table!!

The water table was a huge hit. She has played with it practically every single day since we brought it home. It is a perfect gift to help with those 120 degree desert summer days.

The Phi was not the only one who got gifts. PR Dad got to open a few presents himself. He got some very cool stuff including a old school nintendo controller belt buckle!

Hmmm the twins are sitting down and smiling. It must be cake time!

Our resident baker whipped up some rainbow dash cupcakes for The Phi. What's rainbow dash? You mean you do not know everything about My Little Pony? Oh that must be just us. Anyway Rainbow Dash is a pony, a blue pony with a rainbow with clouds on its butt. She here is what Tia Uh-laine made.

There were also bowling ball cupcakes for PR Dad. And they tasted as good as they looked.

Then it was time for the slumber part of the slumber party. We settled the kids into the living room with blankets and pillows, popcorn and The Little Mermaid playing.

When I was in kindergarten I had my first slumber party and I still remember how much fun I had with my cousins and friends. The Phi made some memories of her own.

And Dexter fell asleep first and so they put his underwear in the freezer then dipped his paw in warm water.


  1. Anonymous11:36 AM

    AMazing how much Lili and the Phi look alike in the pic where they are holding hands. JVS

  2. Love the pic of Dexter. And the one of Phi holding hands. Palazzio has some gooood grub!

  3. Aww my dog is so cute


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