Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Holy Water

Growing up Catholic there are 3 big religious days you have during your childhood. The first is baptism. During baptism you are welcomed into the church, washed of original sin, and are assigned a set of god-parents. That, of course, is the very brief explanation. Baby Eli was baptized in the same church as Lili and Felix were baptized in. It was a really lovely ceremony. Eli didn't cry when dunked naked into the holy water and looked way too cute in his little white jumper with matching white cap. Aunt Crissy forgot her camera so I took tons of pictures.

the holy oil

Crissy and Baby Eli

Baptismal Candle

3 generations

Me, Crissy and Baby Eli


  1. Anonymous9:33 AM

    all that catholocism wore him out! cute little muchkin! love the pics! ang

  2. How did you pick your nino and nina? my son is 14 months and not baptized, cause I am not sure who the compas should be, and I hate the new pope.

  3. Crissy10:37 PM

    Nice blog post Willis. Eli is certainly feelin the love. The pics were awesome.


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