Monday, June 15, 2009

A Birthday Adventure

Last Sunday my sister turned 29! To celebrate we all meet up in Anaheim to spend the day at California Adventure. I must admit, I like this place better than Disneyland.

We got there right when it opened and made our way straight to the Bug's Life Land where there are kids rides. The Phi recently watched the movie A Bugs Life so she loved seeing all the characters.

My little fearless flier!

Looking for Day-day and the kids.

This was the twins and Tio Luis' first trip and all 3 had a blast!

We rode the Ferris wheel. This is not your usual Ferris wheel, the cages swing back and forth and every time they freak me out!
The Phi loved it!

All the kidd-os at the end of a great day!
And if you go to California Adventure make sure to ride the Tower of Terror ride. It was insane! I screamed so much and so loud my voice was messed up for a week!!


  1. I have decided that the Phi looks just like her dad.

    Have you decided the same thing????

  2. Dude, we love California Adventure. We always went there first, Disneyland after. I hate that ferris wheel! Srsly, I ride it with my eyes closed. And the tower of terror ride is the shiznit. I scream my head off, each and every time!

  3. that day was so fun! i was looking at the pic of all the kids and it looks like chone and lili are siblings and day day and felix are siblings.


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