Friday, June 05, 2009

2 week notice

A few months ago The Phi's school sent out a paper asking us if our kids were going to be attending summer school and/or attending next fall. We planned to have The Phi's schedule stay the same over the summer because our schedules stay the same. Great. No problems. Everything will stay the same. Perfect.

And then.....

On Monday there was a note in The Phi's folder letting me know that due to low enrollment the school was closing for summer. This letter came 2 weeks before the end of the year. 2 weeks to scramble about trying to figure out what to do. And believe me any kind of summer camp is completely filled 2 weeks before school lets out. Sure I could bring her to the office with me everyday, but that is not so easy anymore. When she was a baby she would either sleep...

The Human Paper Weight

Or she would kick it old school in her exersaucer


Now if I tried to confine her in anything she would not be having any of it. She is 4 now and requires much more "look at me Mom! Mom look at me. MOM!!" attention and a handful of cheerios does not give me an hour of peaceful work time anymore.

As usual my boss is amazing and after talking with her we are just going to let my summer schedule be flexible and open. What ever works best for The Phi. Which is awesome because no one can work with a 4 year old attached to your leg.

Eli's Baptism


  1. Oh how I remember those days. I'm glad you have an understanding boss.

  2. What a cool boss. That's awesome.


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