Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekly Wieners

Enjoying our last day here in Santa Barbara and on this trip the weather has been amazing. Last time we were here I packed us shorts and we froze. This time I packed us jeans and we broiled! Happy Sunday!

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Introducing the Kids to Roscoes

At the beginning of the week we took a trip to our super secret drop off spot where my sister dropped off my niece Angelica to us for the week. And where we introduced the dreamlets to the genius that is chicken AND waffles.

LA Zoo

Mid week we took Angelica and The Phi to the LA Zoo. (Thanks again for the tickets Aunt Tawny!) You never know what you may see at the zoo. Here is a rare sighting of the usually rowdy Phi-aptomos in a very quiet and thoughtful mood.

(photo by PR Dad)


Angelica 9 1/2

Angelica and bamboo. Her hair looks purple in this light! Haha that was the joke of the week. Her hair is purple!


Family Portrait

We do not have nearly enough family pictures so while at the zoo I gave Angelica a very quick tutorial on my camera and let her take a few of us. She did such a great job I used this one for the new blog header. Thanks Angelica!


Doing a play

On the last night the girls had a blast playing dress-up. Well Angelica put on a play with The Phi as the main character with a lot of costume changes. I am pretty sure Roo (the dog) was the prince that The Phi married in the play.


And always the silliness..........................

Easter 09

This week with a peep!


  1. Woah! You have bamboo there!? That is SO cool! That shot is my favorite this week!

  2. I'm with Nik. That bamboo shot ROCKS.

  3. The family photo is great, and the dress up shot is so cute.

    My son is forever trying to get me to make him waffles and chicken. He saw a TV show on Food Network and now can't stop bugging me about it.

  4. I may have to try that chicken & waffles thing. Near heard of it.

  5. Great shots. Love the family shot and the silliness of course.

  6. I'm in love with the dressup costume. Beautiful photos. Love every single one of them.

  7. HaHaHa, my teenage daughter bugs me constantly to take her to Roscoe's.

  8. the play was cinderella and roo was the prince


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