Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring Break at the L.A. Zoo

Our big trip out last week was to the LA Zoo. I had not been there in probably over 25 years. Last time I was there the entrance was the one from the opening of Three's Company. Looks totally different now. A big Zoo with lots to do and see.

We had a great trip and a great week with Angelica here. I was afraid that with The Phi being almost 4 and Angelica almost 10 they would not have a lot to do together, but The Phi Adores Angelica and they always seem to find some thing fun to do together. And I love having her with us. I feel like I miss so much so getting to spend a few days every year is awesome.

And can I tell you how nice it was for The Phi to have someone to play with. They played in her room for hours! I even got to take a bubble bath without anyone walking in on me!

LA Zoo


  1. Looks like a great time. Love your photos. We went there last month. Such a fun time.

  2. Love the pictures. How fun!!!


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