Monday, April 13, 2009

"Like my own personal brand of heroin"

Finally saw the movie. Finally. I got it from Netflix and immediately put The Phi down for a nap to watch in peace and quiet, with no interruptions. I kept the computer off and even refrained from knitting while watching. I just watched a movie. I don't know the last time I did that.

The books were good and the movie was good. (of course not as good as the books) I felt really captured that deep, otherworldly, passionate and completely desperate relationship between Bella and Edward.

Let me tell you, the 13 year old in me was swooning. The way she fell "unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him. " It plays on that idea of dying for the one you love.

The feminist in me did not like how desperate and clingy Bella became so quickly. She talked tough to her friend and told her to ask a guy out, but Bella was the typical damsel in distress.

Anyone else out there have an opinion about the movie?


  1. I have not read the book. I actually didn't know it was such a "craze" until a friend came to visit me from out of town the weekend the movie opened. She was really excited about going to see it so we went. The ones that I hear that love the book say that the movie was sub-par (but isn't that always how it is?) When you read the book, you have all these ideas of the characters and you have already "played" it out in your head...then comes along a movie to mess it up. My friends that love the book say that Edward Cullen is creepy in the film and nothing like that in the book. As for MY opinion of the was ok. Like I said, I knew nothing of the books or the 13 yr old fanatics behind it...I thought some of the supporting actors were really cheesy and I can't say I loved the main girl character all that well. It makes me curious to read the book though and see if I can see what every one else sees...

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    I think I got dumber after having watched it!

  3. i LURVE it... I love the books a lot more than the movie, but I love the movie too. I like how in the book it takes them longer to actually fall in love, it builds up...I think the thing that I love the most, is that they have a love that is soooo pure and so true and its not all about what others think, its about what they both feel, and they would die for each other... they knew that the moment they saw each other.

  4. I have a billion opinions.

    I've read the books and I saw the movie as well.

    First, I would like to say that I am unable to be objective because I'm not able to see through the thick panes of love I wear for Robert Pattinson.

    But, I liked both the book and the movie. I've heard people talk of how bad the acting is. I didn't notice and I'll go to see New Moon too.

    Then again, I am, without a doubt a 15 year old girl at heart. Poor me.

  5. I loved the overall look of the movie. The haze of green, the forest, the moss, the rain. I also loved the soundtrack. As for Robert Pattinson--I told you, I got a thing for dudes that brood. But I've seen him on TMZ and he's not that hot when he isn't in white makeup and his eyebrows darkened.

    A couple of things bugged me. I don't like who they cast as Jacob. He talks like a valley girl and his wig is bad. I'm so hoping he'll improve for New Moon or else he's gonna kill it.

    I can't stand the actress who plays Rosalie. She from that movie Thirteen. Ew.

    But as far as Bella and Edward loooooooved it. Can't wait for the next movie and hopefully the next and the next. And then I'm hoping Stephenie Meyer will write another book. Or at least finish Midnight Sun.


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