Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Change of Plans

So originally our Easter was going to be super mellow. Joey had to work so we were going to just have a little Easter Egg Hunt for The Phi on his lunch break.

Following the Bunny Tracks to find her basket........

And no Easter is complete with some Peeps.

Since we had no plans there was no need for me to go out and stress over buying The Phi an Easter Dress. Thank goodness. But every little girl really should be dressed up for an Easter Egg Hunt. So to the dress-up bag we go.

She totally has her Moms (lack of) fashion sense.

A lonely Easter Egg hunt for one.

Then Joey called to say he was getting off work early and our plans changed. We were able to make it to a family get together for a few hours. The Phi was more than thrilled to play with her cousins.

Even if it meant she had to take off her giant dress to play on the swing set.

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