Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take a look, it's in a book...

The Phi can't read (yet). And for a long time she was not into listening to stories. Since she has been in school she has taken a much greater interest in books and stories. Which because despite what you may think I am a big ol' nerd. A bookworm if you will.

So we have moved past the little children picture books and now on our library visits we check out 3 or 4 picture book and a new chapter book.

In the past few months we have read:

The Wizard of Oz. The original version which was much stranger than the movie.

Then we read Matilda by Roald Dahl

Then we watched the Matilda movie. After the movie was over The Phi proclaimed that the book was better. (That's my girl!)

Last night we finished reading Ramona the Brave.

Today we are picking up The Mouse and the Motorcycle to start reading tonight.

I love this little thing we do. How we snuggle in my big bed and read one chapter. I am always amazed at how much The Phi retains and understands. And am blow away by her questions. I am also enjoying reliving my childhood through these book. I can remember exactly in that dark elementary school library where the Ronald Dahl books were kept.


  1. Sofia doesn't understand stories yet.
    But I can't wait for the time when she does.

  2. I love reading aloud. I remember my dad doing this. He wouldn't do it too often, but the few times I remember were absolutely hilarious. He'd add in dialogue and make the book sillier.

    When the 7th Harry Potter book came out, I read through it really quick. I then lent my copy to my brother (who was 21 at the time). When I was around we'd read aloud together. It's kinda fun.


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