Friday, March 13, 2009

Spicy Love

Does anyone know why a person's taste buds might change?

I have never ever been able to handle hot spicy foods or sauces. I mean Taco Mild sauce was hot for me. And being the proud Chicana that I am I got a lot of shit from people because I couldn't handle the hot stuff.

Then one day we were out eating and the nachos came with a little cup of sliced jalapenos. I stared at Joey while he ate some. (I stare at him a lot so he is use to it) I asked him

"Are those like really hot?"

I got the standard "Not really" answer from my oh so
talkative husband of mine. Maybe it was all those times I have told The Phi "Try it, you might like it" but something made me want to try them. So I did and yes they were hot but they were also oh so good. Over 31 years I finally liked the hot stuff.

I didn't stop with the jalapeno in the cup. The next time we went out to Mexican food I piled on the green hot sauce on my chips. And I finally understand the love for the flaming hot cheetos.

A whole new world of flavor has been open up to me.

Now excuse me while I drown my dinner in El Pato sauce.


  1. Anonymous3:33 PM

    . . .and here I thought your post was going to be about Womanizer. . .You-you-you are! Ha Ha!

  2. OMG, this happened to me too!! I use to not be able to stand spicy foods, and being portuguese, not really a good thing!!! Then I got pregnant with Aubrey and had to put jalapenos on EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Anonymous6:47 PM

    OMG! I also get that from my friends and then I got the erge to make some salsa, I don't know what got into me. I like dip my chips in the juice when we go out and that's it. Well, I had to try the salsa that I made and well, I think I am past it too. I can now eat salsa and the hot stuff, not super duper hot, but everyone else says my salsa was hot and I was able to eat it. I am trying to make the hottest salsa ever. So you sister and luis are the test tasters of my far I seem to put too much silantro. Well, I am not giving up and Luis doesnt' mind because I am sure he want that salsa coming even Ouie. Everytime I send her some they taste test and she tell me her opinion and say, "but we will keep it, it is still good." lol Salsa it actually very tasty. Yay, I am a true Mexican after to you too Liz.... :-)
    Love Tia Mary

  4. They are supposed to change every 7 years. When I was pregnant with Siobhan I started loving hot stuff. Sure that stick didn't turn blue?

  5. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Same here.... two years ago I developed a permanent craving for spice...I love Frank's hot sauce.
    In fact my sister posted a blog about me and my crazy hot spicy love a few months back. Apparently, I over did it at lunch with her one day... and I made a scene... I will have to tell you the story.

  6. I've experienced that too. Before my mid-20s I was all about the mild taco sauce and never had any peppers unless it was a chile relleno. I can stand more now.


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