Friday, March 20, 2009


The Phi says a lot of funny stuff. Well stuff we think is funny. Crystal and her roommate Ashley really took to The Phi's line "Look at my eyes....I'm too busy". Crystal sent me this really cute comment about how it has become a saying at their place. Too funny.

So I started following her blog and we became facebook friends and decided to meet up since she was semi-local. We met at a coffee shop last Saturday morning. She brought along her fiance Ben and we had a nice long chit-chat about work, school and their upcoming wedding.

The Phi then decided to be a little show-off. She was looking at a Elmo book and looks up at me with her big brown doe eyes and says...

"Momma, what's an illustrator?"

I looked at her with a sly grin, what a little show-off.

I answered the question and she looked at Crystal and goes "An illustrator draws the pictures".

Oh man this kid is good.

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