Friday, March 06, 2009

I would not could not with a fox...

On Monday we celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday at the local library. There was slime making, puzzles, door hanging coloring, story reading, and even some fake fishing.

While all the other kids where squirmy and yelling, The Phi sat there hands folded listening to the instructor. Sometimes I am so impressed with her behavior.

She was very excited to play with this slime stuff.

The kid loves herself some puzzles.

Happy Birthday to you Dr. Seuss.
Thanks for all the wonderful stories!


  1. The Phi reminds me so much of my baby sister (ok she will be 40 this year,but baby none the less). You could see her interest and how inthralled she is in what she is learning. Dr. Suess has a place in our hearts no matter if you are forty-coughcough two and 3 months cough cough or as young as the beautiful Phi. VIVA DR, SUESS!

  2. ok I guess old age messes up your spelling. Seuss DR Seuss. boy do I feel um dyslexic Seuss not Suess.


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