Saturday, March 07, 2009

How do you make an HR & the Law Seminar Exciting?

And no this is not a trick question. The answer is....

You have "The Preacher" Dr. Cubie Davis King teach the seminar.

I recently was promoted to the Human Resources (HR) Director here at my office. Since I have absolutely no background in HR I am doing what I can to educate myself in everything HR related. So I signed up for a 2 day seminar title "HR and The Law". I expected everything to go over my head and to come back more confused. Instead I had 2 days filled with tons of useful information and a list of resources that will help me maneuver this maze of HR. Not only was Dr. King amazingly knowledgeable on the subject, he was current and up to date on the ever changing laws that HR deals with.

Plus he was damn funny. In the 2 days he quoted, Don King, Mr. T., and The Jefferson's. He referred to his significant other/mother of his kids as "My Love". He was animated and all in all an amazing teacher. I was sad when our class ended but I can get my fill of Dr. Cubie King by heading over to his website . Where I can even get sound clips of him talking.

I will never forget Dr. Cubie King. Especially since I am naming my next kid Cubie. Boy or girl.

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  1. Anonymous10:08 PM


    Thank you for the kind words and exciting recommendation. I too enjoyed having you in the class and truly am blessed to find my true purpose in life. If you'd like to have a signed copy of my bestseller "How To Call A Meeting With Yourself: Daily Success Habits That Produce Stunning ResultS...go to my website site www, (Bookstore).

    Thanks again for letting me be a ou small part of your growing success & remember to always "Make Your Dreams King" Dr. Cubie


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