Sunday, February 08, 2009

Weekly Wieners

We have been enjoying the change in the weather. Lots of rain which means rain boots and snuggy jacket, lots of reading books and watching movies. Here are the best of the week.


Breakfast with Dad

Joey worked a lot of closing shifts this week, which means that he doesn't get to see The Phi. By Wednesday she was really missing her Daddy. After I got her breakfast ready she asked if Daddy would have cereal with her. She went to ask and his groggy self was happy to oblige. He misses her just as much.


Super Bowl Sunday

We got to spend Super Bowl Sunday with the family in Santa Barbara. It was so fun. Crissy, Phill and Baby Eli were there. I held him for so long my arm was actually sore. Here are Joey and my brother-in-law relaxing and enjoying the game.


Sweet Baby Boy

Would you want to put this gorgeous little baby down?


Farmer Pops

Moving to Santa Barbara has brought out the farmer in my Pops. He has a small vegetable garden, a dog, chickens and a cow. Here is Farmer Pops coming back from gathering eggs in the morning.



Messing with my camera at night in the car (I was not driving!) Long exposure and some swaying. I love how you can see the speedometer in the picture, and the trees are still visible.


La Virgen in SB

The latest addition to my parents backyard. I love La Virgen de Guadalupe very much. This piece is gorgeous in the backyard surrounded by flowers.


And thank goodness we are all feeling better because no week is complete without the.....


Being Silly with my Phi

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  1. Anonymous1:38 AM

    All of these are gorgeous, amazing, astounding, beautiful and mind blowing.

  2. What a sweet daddy. :)

    The shot with the lights is wicked cool.

  3. Wonderful set of photos. I can see why Dad would get up to have breakfast with that cutie.

  4. Anonymous5:44 AM

    That long exposure shot is wow!
    And I love the one with the baby holding the finger

  5. I love the light shot and the baby! He is adorable

  6. aWwwww... I love photo updates.

    Jay used to work at night and go to school in the morning. I do not miss those days. At that time we lived in North western NJ and he went to school on the other side of the state and worked even farther away or in NYC. He barely even lived with us at the time. He'd leave our house hours before we woke up and get home well after midnight.

    The girls would miss him horribly. It was so sad.

  7. dont u love long exposure... agh my camera! soooon.. very soon. i promise.


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