Saturday, February 07, 2009

I asked The Phi what she wanted to blog about.....

Here is her response word for word....

"Umm baby Eli, we will say him Happy Valentine's Day. Well ummmm he is a baby. Its weird having a baby. and Angelica would have to say Happy Birthday to baby Eli. And Nana and Tata will say Happy Birthday for a slumber party for me. My Poppa needs to say Happy Birthday to you. I want to tell everyone about birthdays and presents. To Nana, To Nana, I said to Nana. I want to say.... Hey this is like Davey Crockett and I'm going to eat that rocket ship. And I want to tell...umm....and I like to talk with silly faces like this (makes silly faces). And I want to tell you, tell you, you were sleepiing with Daddy and I went to tell you to wake up. Um because you have to wake you up like me. To Tata and Nana I want to say to everybody Happy Birthday to robots. And that's it"

It's amazing we understand her at all, but we totally do.

Silly Phi

1 comment:

  1. Good one, yes, she's pretty clear. I love it.


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